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The evolution of today's electric and gas utilities into the future of energy will be a disruptive transition. Or will it? With the right strategy in place, current Utilities can thrive and lead into a sustainable energy ecosystem.

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A sustainable energy system is obtainable, but relies on the decision makers to get it right. As the regulator, you set the rules.

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Vendors & Integrators

Fantastic new energy technologies now exist, but building owners, managers, and developers are not energy managers. We can help you find new customers, unlock new markets, offer new products and services, and better integrate into the wider grid.

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2013 NYISO Zone J Load-Duration Planning Tool

This tool can be used to plan for the amounts of baseload generation, peaking generation, and energy storage on an electrical grid. The tool uses costs to determine the optimum mix of capacity resources. Actual 2013 data from NYISO's Zone J is used. Read more here.

Storage $ Cost / MW
Storage Cycle Life
Installed Solar MW

Blog Posts


Electric System Peak Prediction

We report on the performance of our electric system peak prediction algorithm over the summer of 2016. Is your business interested in saving on energy bills? Ask us how.

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How much energy storage does NYC need?

The StrateGain team tackles energy storage planning in New York City. We describe the interactive analytical tool that we built so that you can plan for NYC storage youself!

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Diversity Benefit of DERs

An article on how the diversity of Distributed Energy Resources provides unexpected benefits to a future smart grid.

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Smart Grid

New Paradigm for DER Cost Effectiveness

Our principal recently penned an insightful article on how utility regulators' cost effectiveness tests will need to evolve in a future sustainable energy paradigm.

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Strategic Data Science

Data Science that produces new opportunities

Strategic Data Science

Where you see graphs and charts, we see new products, new services, new markets, and new opportunities. Is your business hearing what your data is saying?

Data Visualization

Data is more than charts, graphs, and numbers. Powerful visualizations can change the way people view the world.

Data Analysis

Spend less time on equations and optimization, and more time on your business strategy. We handle the details so you don't have to.

Process Improvement

So you have data, you have metrics, and you have dashboards. Now what? You will not realize value until you make a change to your business!

utilitze data

Lucas Finco - Principal Consultant

Lucas Finco has years of experience working with utilities on managing the demand side of their business with data analytics, forecasting and planning. He is a proven innovator, providing state-of-the-art ideas and analyses that are enabling a new, smarter electric grid to emerge. He continues to innovate new concepts and valuation methods that are opening up possibilities for new energy paradigms. Lucas has a BS in Applied Math, Physics, & Engineering, an MA in Physics, and an MBA in Finance & Entrepreneurship. As a physics researcher, his most notable achievement was the discovery a new mathematical system that exhibits Chaos. He has won awards for research excellence in chaos theory and nanotechnology.

Lucas was also recently named one of Breaking Energy’s Top 10 Young New York Energy Leaders.

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